Elephant Activities in jaipur

We would love to offer you our Elephant Interaction Program, one of a kind experience specially designed for Elephant Fun and Care. We Provide These elephant activities , In The Following Once in a Lifetime Experience time experience. 

Introduction with elephant

Every new friend is a new adventure…the start of more memories!

You can easily get acquainted to these majestic creatures. Make them feel pampered simply by caressing and fondling them. Speak to them in a friendly manner while gazing into their eyes to make them more comfortable. 

Elephant Ride

Take a ride on the wild side

We’d like to offer our guests a chance to ride our elephants without a saddle. Most elephant rides incorporate a large saddle, which offers some added comfort, which many guests prefer. The thrilling elephant ride through the elephant village is an awesome experience. 

Elephant painting

Enjoy the colors of life

Learn about the completely natural paint that is used to paint the thick elephant skin. Learn how to create a traditional painting on the elephants face. A different language is a different vision of life. Imagine the joy of painting on such a large canvas. Take on the brush and unleash the hidden painter inside you. 

Washing Elephant

Laughter sparkles like a splash of water in sun

Ever imagined bathing an elephant? Washing elephant isn’t it great. like dream come true. You can give Shower to your elephant and Wash & Scrub them at Pool side in the garden. Most lovable thing you can do is washing elephant in jaipur. We help you to achieve the unthinkable.

Feeding Elephant

Good Food is Good Mood! “Love goes through the stomach”

You might have heard of the saying “love goes through the stomach”? Well, elephants are no exception. Feeding is the easiest way to gain their trust. You will get a chance to feed them while learning their feeding habits and what they enjoy most.

Walk with elephant

Take a walk on the wild side like best friend

Walk with Elephants it’s a small activity in which you have an amazing experience being up close to these beautiful creatures as you walk with elephants. We give you an opportunity to casually stroll with the elephants enjoying watching them walk at leisurely pace and admiring the size of these beautiful animals.

Elephant language

A different language is a different vision of life

You might be surprised to know that there is a certain language to communicate with the elephants. To be able to understand them you have to learn the basics of this language. Have fun while learning the special lingo used to communicate with the elephants. Knowing their language would further strengthen your connection with your new friend.

While reserving your time slot with us you can also easily book our free pick up and drop off facility.