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Choose things to do in Jaipur

Are you looking for other adventures while in Jaipur? There are some activities not to miss in Jaipur, we can organize them for you!

Take a culinary journey. Discover the food markets of Jaipur, regular groceries and buy what you need for your cooking! Easy to follow menus and completely hands on experience, you will be eager to cook again what you learnt to impress your family and friends back home! Enjoy a great lunch or dinner with the marvels you have cooked!
Take a break from the bustling city and climb all the way up to the fortified walls surrounding Amber and Jaipur. We will take you on a beautiful 3hrs hike along the “Great wall of China” of India! Follow the path of the fortified defense points and enjoy a well deserved breathtaking panorama!
Grab the legendary bike and follow the tour leader, a professional passionate biker, for a vibrant adventure! A tailored morning tour in and around Jaipur or a long road trip on the Indian roads!
Discover this ancestral practice and unveil your chakras. Learn yoga and meditation with the master of yoga guru.
Hand-block printing is for over 350 years and while many Rajasthani villages have turned to screen-printing as an alternative to block printing.
mesmerized by the unique colours & sounds as they blend beautifully with the historical Forts & hidden Palaces nestled amongst the Aravalli range.
You have never understood cricket and you would like to know why it fascinates the whole nation. Dare compete on the ground local players! Practice with locals or get initiated to this famous sport with cricket lovers.
Almost every child of Jaipur is found of flying kite! Initiate yourself to the preparation of the kites and learn the art of cutting the neighbors’ kites and avoiding their attacks!
Go for bicycle tour in heritage city. The pink city early in morning is so fresh and view is amazing. Cycling jaipur will make your visit awesome.
Get the experience of walking tour in jaipur. We have several different walking tours with your interest.
A tour in which, we will take you to village nearby jaipur by jeeps. You can interact with local villagers and kids. Get the experience of village life of india.

Jhalana is a sanctuary and it is famous for leopard safari. Throughout the year you can easily sight the leopards and other wild animals in this tour.