A wonderful day with elephants
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A wonderful day with elephants

Explore The Colorful World of the Elephant ride and Sanctuary in Jaipur!

Elephant ride sanctuary

A popular well renowned Elephant ride sanctuary in Jaipur giving its services for more than a decade in the field of Elephants. Elephant interaction program and caring elephant centre. Welcome to the most surreal nature walk of getting along with the nonchalant animals and walk through the tranquil environment for a soul-stirring adventure for elephant activities in Jaipur. The company provides you the best elephant ride in Jaipur and surrounding places.

Walk with Elephants in sanctuary in jaipur

Everyone is always excited and would like to try an elephant safari. Walk with Elephants it’s a small activity in which you have an amazing experience being up close to these beautiful creatures. 

As you walk with elephants. By this, you will get the chance to communicate with elephants. More and more and by this, you can show your expression towards them. 

We provide this activity, which is enjoyable for you and much better for our resident elephants. eleday is best elephant sanctuary in jaipur.

What clients say about an elephant ride and sanctuary?

Best elephant sanctuary

My family and I spent some hours at an elephant sanctuary in Jaipur. Her name is “maria”. I had a wonderful day and experience. I had the chance to be with her, paint on her and ride her. It was amazing! Definitely recommend this elephant sanctuary, eleday in Jaipur

Wonderful elephant ride in jaipur

It was totally amazing opportunity to ride an elephant and making bond with elephant. Normally for this kind of experience, one starts being a bit nervous since we are dealing with a wild animal. But the owner earned our trust as soon as we arrived. The price is cheap and it also includes lunch which let me say, was delicious.
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Elephant Park in Jaipur

I had the best time playing like a kid with the elephants in Jaipur. They are so cute. you can paint on them. you also can wash them. You can hug them. You can ride them. The people who, works there are very friendly and helpful and the elephants look really happy. I would definitely recommend it.